10 Important Korean News Articles #1

Korean news articles10 Important Korean News Articles #1

Here are 10 important articles about North and South Korea. I try to give a mix of articles about Korean business, social issues, entertainment, North Korea, etc…  Also, I try to give a mix of different news sources from around the world.

I am always looking for new interesting Korean news articles, so please post links below or on our facebook page.


1) Link If you like Korean sports, movies and music, then check out this Korea in review article.

2) Link An article about the growth of Korean cinema.  I love and hate Korean movies.  I wish a lot of them weren’t so darn long.

3) Link Do Koreans really need to study English?  Will they use it? A cool article about much English is used in Korea.

4) Link A second article about early childhood English education in Korea. The costs they talk about show the education reality of Korea.

5) Link Every Korean city has their silly English slogan.  Check out this article to learn more.

6) Link The family and the police argue of why a guy killed himself.  A silly fight about the reason for suicide.

7) Link If you are a Kpop star, then the worst possible thing you could do is get married. Sunye has to apologize for getting married.

8) Link How did Dictator Kim get around the sanctions to get his precious ski resort machinery? Well-played Supreme Leader Kim.

9) Link An article about the real reason Jong-un executed Jang Song-thaek.

10) Link Some woman put a hit out on her husband. Read the article or wait for the movie.

Let us know what you think about these Korean news articles in the comments section below.  I hope to improve this section.

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