10 Important Korean News Articles #2

Korean news articlesHere are 10 important Korean news articles #2.

Here is my collection of Korean news.  It is a random collection of recent and sometimes old news stories about North and South Korea.  I try to include Korean articles about business, entertainment, sports and of course top issues of the week. Also, I try to give a mix of different news sources from around the world.


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1) Korea Times – Is Dating Harder For Expat Women?

Living and working in a male dominated society does not work well for Western women.

2)  Korea Herald – Parents push their kids to start learning early

I think Korean kids and kids around the world should be exposed to more education earlier.

3)  Korea Herald – Rodman under fire for N.K. trip

Dennis Rodman is a diplomatic nightmare and a clown.

4) Korea Herald – Korea allows Americans to run in Pyongyang marathon in April

North Korea is a country known for running from something, but not in the athletic sense.

5) Hartford Web Publishing – US and S Korea accused of war atrocities: Inquiry uncovers secret of series of attacks by South on North

On old archived article from 2000 discussing the shocking events that occured prior to the Korean War. It is an old article, but the contents are still valid.

6) CNN – South Korea suspends tear gas exports to Bahrain

South Korea should get out of this unethical business.

7) Business Insider – Ex-Googler Tells Us What It’s Like To Be An American In North Korea   

An interesting read about Will Scott, an American who spent some time teaching computers in North Korea.

+   The photos Will Scott took in North Korea

8) Korea Herald – Surreal fact and outlandish fiction in North Korea

A must read article about not believing you hear or read about North Korea.

9) BBC – Ten things: North Korea’s film industry

A quick look at the details about the North Korean film industry.

10) BBC – South Korea: parents pick names that foreigners can pronounce

I support getting rid of the traditional ways of naming babies.


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