10 Important Korean News Articles #5

Korean news articles10 important Korean news articles #5.

Some interesting Korean news this week. Again, I added a mix of different topics from different news sources.

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1) The most popular international Korean story this week is about Koreans watching pretty girls eat…a.k.a food porn.  Watching people eat is also all over Korean TV from cooking shows to variety shows.  They even love foreign celebrities eating Korean food.

2)  An economic update doesn’t look good for Korea.  Korea has a problem catching up with leading economies.

3)  Spam is king in Korea. And now the world knows. “Spam is a classy gift you can give to people.”

4)  An interesting article about North Korean women marrying South Korean men. They have many problems to overcome including “communication”.

5) A sports topic! The US beat South Korea in a friendly soccer game.  6 things we learned.

6) Koreans are not having enough babies and this is about to finally cause Korean universities to restructure.

7) A very insightful article about American-born Asian fighting discrimination in her own home. It doesn’t deal with Korea directly, but it’s a cool article that you should read nonetheless..

8) Expats are not equal to Koreans in the recent data leak scandal.  Banks offer no notifications or support to the foreign community in Korea.

9) Koreans will do anything for that extra edge on a TOEIC test, but when you start using cameras, you’re going a little to far.

10) A major Korean drug and prostitution syndicate was busted in New York.


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