10 Important Korean News Articles #6

Korean news articles10 important Korean news articles #6.

A good mix of different topics about North and South Korean news from different sources.

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1) Korea’s zealousness for unnecessary plastic surgery is once again getting international attention. This time, an attractive Korean newscaster cuts up her face to achieve a heart-shape look. In my opinion, which matters little here, the procedure just makes her look more alien.

2)  A brief look at who will win for Korea in the Sochi Olympics.

3)  Bear farms are dying in South Korea, but I am not sure if that is bad thing.  What’s worse is the Korean taxpayers are compensating these debt-ridden farmers.

4)  Body language is no longer an accepted form of communication if a foreigner wants to marry a Korean citizen.

5) The New York Times examines Korean culture by looking at the bathhouses.

6) It’s time Korea stops the unintentionally cringe comedy of blackface

7) I tend not to believe every news story coming about of North Korea because a lot international media outlets overreport many exaggerated rumors, but this article about Dennis Rodman shitting in a hotel hallway is at least entertaining.

8) Another Korean government worker abuses his power to steal state funds.  Government corruption is always ugly.  

9) No phones, no make-up, no sex. Korean students go to a study boot camp for 11 months to improve their Korean SAT scores. 

10) Divorce lawsuits shoot up after the New Year holiday 24%.

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