11 Notable South Korean Disasters

Notable South Korean Disasters

All of the South Korean disasters listed here are man-made.  It is unfortunate that so much destruction and deaths can come from the neglect of a few.  Not too much English information is around about these disasters, but we managed to create a good list.

1970 Wow Apartment (와우아파트)

A Korean apartment collapsed after 3 months due to unstable ground and fast construction.  33 dead, 38 injured.

Korean disaster 1970 Wow Apartment 와우아파트


1971 DaeYun Hotel Fire (대연각호텔화재)

A gas explosion in a hotel caused a fire killing 168 people. 150 of them were foreigners.

Korean disaster 1971 DaeYun Hotel Fire 대연각호텔화재


1977 Iri Station Explosion (이리역폭발사고)

Some dynamite exploded in a train station killing 59, 8 missing and 1350 injured.

Korean disaster 1977 Iri Station Explosion 이리역폭발사고


1993 Ferry Boat Sinks  (서해훼리호침몰사고)

Overloading the ship with people caused 292 people to drown.

Korean disaster 1993 Ferry Boat Sinks  서해훼리호침몰사고


1994 Songsu Bridge Collapse(성수대교)

Structural failure due to sloppy welding killed 32 people and injured 17.

Korean disaster 1994 Songsu Bridge Collapse 성수대교

1995 Sampoong Department Store Collapse(삼풍백화점)

A Structural failure killed 501 people and injured 937.

Korean disaster 1995 Sampoong Department Store Collapse 삼풍백화점


1995 Daegu Gas Fire  (대구상인동가스폭발사고)

A leaking gas main at a subway construction site killed 101 with 202 injured.

korean disaster 1995 Daegu Gas Fire  대구상인동가스폭발사고


1997 Guam KAL Plane Crash (KAL  괌추락사건)

The plane landed in the wrong spot due toa pilot error killing 229 people and injuring 25.

Korean disaster 1997 Guam KAL Plane Crash KAL  괌추락사건


2004 Daegu Subway Fire(대구지하철참사)

An unemployed disgruntled man, Kim Dae Han, threw a fire bomb on the subway.

The ensuing fire and smoke killed 198 and injured 147.

Korean disaster 2004 Daegu Subway Fire 대구지하철참사 Korean disaster 2004 Daegu Subway Fire 대구지하철참사 An eerie photo of some Korean passengers’ last moments before they died.


2008 South Gate Fire(숭례문화재)

This national treasure burned down when a disgruntled man decided to set it on fire.

Thankfully nobody died.

Korean disaster 2008 South Gate Fire 숭례문화재


2011 Woo Myun Mountain Landslide(우면산 산사태)

Following a heavy downpour and flooding, apartments near the Woo Myun Mountain were hit with a mud slide, killing 18 people.

korean disaster 2011 Woo Myun Mountain Landslide 우면산 산사태

Let us know if you have any additional photos or information about these disasters in the comments below.


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