10 Important Korean News Articles #3

Korean news articles10 important Korean news articles #3.

Here is my latest collection of North and South Korean news articles.  As always, it is a random collection of recent and sometimes older news stories about the two Koreas.  I try to include a mix of articles from multiple sources.

I will try to update every Monday.

I am always looking for new interesting Korean news articles, so please post links below or on our facebook page.

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1) Atlanta Blackstar – Korea has been chosen as one of the worst countries in the world for black people to visit

2)  Korea Times – Photographer Michael Kenna is still battling Korea Air in this lawsuit for copyright infingement

3)  ZDNet – Here we go again.  A major Korean data leak.  It happens in every country but the damage is always extensive and there is never enough punishment for the corporations. Expect phishing scams to jump up again.

4) Washington Post – The American Education Secretary is likes to compare American and Korean educational systems.  He is quite envious of the Korean educational stylesystem.

5) Korea Bang – Korean Mothers get similar plastic surgery as their daughters, so they the daughter’s plastic surgery won’t be exposed before marriage.

6) Korea Times – South Korea and North Korea almost started another war in 2011?

7) New York Times – Sticks and stones… North Korea is tired of getting teased by South Korea.  They asked them to stop.

8) Boston Globe – Dennis Rodman just checked into rehab.  Does this undermine his credability as an American goodwill ambassador? Oh, wait, his credibility has been ruined since the 90’s.

9) The Christian Science Monitor – North Korea tries to sway back their defectors.  A tempting offer, but no.

10) Yahoo – A golden knee.  A South Korean woman has hundreds of gold needles in her knee.


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