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About Connect Korea

My name is Robin and I am the creator of this site, but I am not the only person developing the site.  This site has many people actively contributing to it and trying to make it a success.  The amount of Korean culture that I want to expose to the world is too large for one person to do, so I am thankful for anyone who helps and I welcome any new people who wish to contribute.

The purpose of this site is to organize and present Korean culture in an attractive way.  Korea is a great place to visit and live and I want to share the charm of Korea and Koreans to the world.

This site also promotes active and respectful discussion with our comment sections.  I request everyone use common sense when posting a comment or forum post.  Some stuff is just not appropriate.  Any inappropriate material will be removed.

Of course, like all countries and societies, Korea is not perfect.  This site will have negative comments on some aspects of Korea.  If you are offended or disagree with any material or media on this site, please let me know.  You can e-mail me directly or comment below the problematic article or media.

Thank you for visiting my site.


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