Who is Chad Future?

 chad-future-kpopWho is Chad Future?

When I first heard about Chad Future, it was spring 2012.  Someone told me about an American guy singing Korean Pop Music (Kpop). I thought it was an unbelievable joke at first, since Kpop is sung by Koreans, in Korean, usually with a tad of Konglish and random English words sprinkled in. But after a quick visit to Youtube, I learned that this guy is the real thing.  Chad Future exists and he is serious about his image and music.

I’m Not a Kpop Superfan

Before we go further, I have to confess that I am not a big follower of Kpop although I live in Korea.  I do know the main singers and groups and occasionally listen to a song or two in my car on the way to work. I am not the best judge of Kpop and I am not their target audience.  Let’s continue.

Chad Future is the Future?

At Chad Future’s Youtube homepage, I partially watched a few videos by Chad Future.  It was the first time I saw Kpop sung professionally by a non-Asian person.  Shouldn’t only Koreans be making Kpop? I will admit, there is a slight Korean feeling to his style and it helps that he covers some more well-known Korean songs, but it all seems like an ugly shadow of a cute, perky and positive industry. Anyway, good for him to do his thing, I will support that, although I do not support the trend.

Chad Future Exposed

After doing some research on Chad Future, I realized that I know the guy. I’ve seen him before.  He is not Chad Future!  His real name is David Lehre of Vendetta Studios.  In 2004, I first came across David Lehre when I belonged to a small online amateur film club, called Film Fights, that did weekly contests.  He had commented on one of my video submissions once (it was a positive comment). He was well respected and loved in that little filmmaker community.

David Lehre hit it big when he made MySpace: The Movie.  Boom!  After that he had so much media attention and offers for other projects. Luckily for David Lehre, his inflated ego could handle all of this attention and ride the wave.  He also had a part as a type of Ashton Kutcher character from Punk’d in Epic Movie. He made Vendetta Sudios which makes videos that seem to be more of his pet projects to see what hits.  I guess Chad Future was an incarnation of this.

Daivd Lehre seems to like Korean Pop Music.  He devotes a lot of time, effort and money to create his image of Chad Future.  It must be lucrative for him, but more important he gets the attention he so much desires.  I guess deep down, this talented comedy writer and director wanted to be a famous pop star and this was the way to do it. He caked on the makeup and did his best to make his image look androgynous. He makes public appearances, tours, and does interviews as Chad Future.

Missing David Lehre

He does have his fan base of what I would image is young girls from Asia, but I think to the rest of the world, he just quite simply an embarrassment. But, what do I know?

I miss David Lehre.  When Chad Future gets old, or when the fans get bored of the act, he will have to change his career again.  I’m sure he will survive and I do hope he starts making some quality films again.

David Lehre Chad Future
David Lehre

 Chad Future & David Lehre Links

Website: http://www.iamchadfuture.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamChadFuture

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Chad_Future

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ChadFuture

David Lehre’s Website: http://www.davidlehre.com/

MySpace: The Movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBOfD2JBv0w

Film Fights: http://www.filmfights.com/     I like this website and you can find some of David Lehre’s old movies here.

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