Couple Shirts in Korea

Couple Shirts in Korea

Many Korean couples love to advertise that they are happy and in love.  One way to express this is to wear an identical article of clothing, usually a shirt. It could also be shoes, jackets, pants and any number of accessories. Some couples will even dress head to toe in the same outfit looking more like brother and sister than a couple. The wearers are clearly proud to display their relationship for all the world to see.

One often sees many couples wearing matching shirts in areas such as Myeongdong or Hongdae in South Korea.  It is also customary for honeymooners to wear couple shirts when they travel abroad. There is also family clothing in which the parents and their baby wear the exact same outfit.

This is a touchingly sweet tradition in Korea that publicly demonstrates a couple’s close bond.

Be warned. Some onlookers may cringe at the idea of a couple being too cute by wearing the same “stupid” outifit. Ignore them.

Any foreigners who dates a Korean girl here may be pressured to join in the tradition.  I respect any foreigner who is confident and brave enough in their love, and feel no shame, to wear a couple shirt.  It’s an awesome expression of love.

If you are interested in buying couple shirts, you can find them in Dongdaemun markets or online websites that explicitly sell couple shirts.

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