Korean Dog Poo Girl (개똥녀)

Korean Dog Poo Girl (개똥녀)

The story about the Korean Dog Poo Girl is an older story, but a famous one.  Every Korean will remember it.  It was at a time when social media was starting to blossom and cameras were becoming ubiquitous.  Also, it showed the strength of Korean netizens and their blind vigilantism.

In 2005, a woman was riding the subway with her pet dog.  The dog then pooped on the subway floor.  The poop was a little more on the liquid side than the solid side.  The woman did not try to clean up the poop.  The other passengers protested to the woman, but she refused to listen to them and got off the subway without cleaning up the doggy do-do.  An older Korean gentleman cleaned it up for her. A simple story, but it doesn’t end there.

A photo of the woman, the dog, and the poop ended up online. It went viral and led to Korea’snetizens identifying and cyber-attacking the female in question.

As a result of this cyber-shaming she received a nickname: Dog Shit Girl(개똥녀).  The situation showed both the ugly side of snobbish people with puppies on the subway as well as internet netizen vigilantism in what could accurately be described as a “witch-hunt”.

Dog poo Girl

The photo shows the Dog Poo Girl, the poo and the old man who eventually cleaned it up.

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