DVD Rooms in Korea

Korean DVD Room / Mutliplay Room(DVD방 or  멀티플레이룸)

It started with the Video Room in which one watched movies onVHS tapes. Then came the DVD Rooms that are still around to this day. Now there are even Multiplayer Rooms where one can not only watch movies, but also sing or play games on consoles such as the Nintendo Wii.

Let’s go back to the notorious DVD Rooms. These are excellent places to relax with your date, snuggle, kiss and have sex….oh, and you can watch a movie, too, if you’d like.  DVD Rooms are small rooms that are equipped with a sofa/bed, a large TV and, er, plenty of tissues.

It costs about 12,000-15,000 won to watch a movie and you can also order food to enhance the viewing experience.

dvd room

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