Foreigners Wearing Korean Shirts

Korean Shirts

It’s good to see a lot of foreigners wearing Korean shirts out there.

They should make crazy Korean shirts like they do with English/Konglish shirts.

Foreigners wearing Korean shirts


Korean shirts

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  • Good morning Jackie,I read about this yrdetesay and though it was an interesting turn in policy considering the way they have been cutting foreign teachers in the public school system. To make the matter more confusing, this morning’s JoongAng Ilbo writes that the MOE is hiring 2,300 Korean teachers who are fluent in English to fill positions in school system. I wonder which it is: native-English speaking teachers (i.e., foreigners?) or Korean teachers who are fluent in English?Perhaps my understanding of native-English speaking teachers is different from the MOE’s usage of the term? I enjoy reading your blog!Best,Amanda


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