Hollywood Action / Over Action

Hollywood Action / Over Action

In Korea, Hollywood action or over action describes a situation in which a person is exaggerating their emotion, usually with hand gestures and noise, akin to a true Hollywood actor.

Let’s imagine you hit another car, causing only a slight bump to the latter vehicle.  If the other driver were to get out of his car holding his leg and howling in pain, you might be inclined to say that this was a clear example of a “Hollywood Action”.

Hollywood action and over actionNorth Korean citizens always use Hollywood Action to express their love of their leaders.

The alternative might be death!

Hollywood action and over action

The most famous case of a “Hollywood Action” was when Apolo Ohno lifted his arms at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games in 2002.

To read more about the Ohno incident please read South Korean DQ’d; officials promise protest

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