How To Get A Korean Driver’s License

Korean Driver's LicenseHow To Get A Korean Driver’s License

This should be used as a quick guide.  All information here may have changed since the article was written or just plain inaccurate.  Please consult the links at the bottom of the page for more accurate information.

There are two ways to get a Korean drivers license: Exchange your old one or get a new one.

Exchange Your Local License For A Korean Driver’s License

Here are the basic steps. Of course during this process, you will need to do paperwork and pay various processing fees.

1.  Make an appointment and go to the US Embassy to get a notarized letter saying you have a valid drivers license.  Bring your American drivers license, passport and Alien Registration Card. The cost is $50.

2. Go to the Korean Drivers License Agency. There located throughout Korea.
Bring the notarized letter, a valid US drivers license, alien registration card, passport, 3 passport sized pictures and about 30,000 won.

3. Do a simple physical test. Usually they test your vision and a quick bending of the knees.

4. Go to a computerized testing center.   The English is not so good on the test, so you may have to do a little guessing.  You need 60% to pass.

5. You will then have to exchange your American driver’s license for a Korean one until you leave the country.

If you go back to America for vacation and need to drive, you can pick up your license without difficulty.

Get a new Korean Driver’s License

1. Go to the Korean Drivers License Agency.  Bring your passport, Alien Registration Card, 3 passport-like photos and money.

2. Take a computer based Divers Test. The English is not so good on the test, so you may have to do a little guessing.  You need 60% to pass.

3. Take a Drivers Course Test.  You need to driver on a specific course.  No matter how much experience you have or how good of a driver you are, you must be familiar with this course in order to pass.

4. Take the Road Test.  With a police officer, you will drive on a designated course outside of the testing compound.

5. Listen to a Drivers Safety Seminar.  You need to sit through a 2-3 hour seminar about Korean driving safety.  They may take your thumbprint to verify that you indeed were there. Yes, the entire thing is in Korean.

Note:  Each part of the test requires you to book your time.  They may say that your scheduled test is one or two weeks away.  If you want to speed up the entire process, then you just tell them to call you when someone cancels their booking.  I managed to get it all done in a week.


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