Internet Explorer In Korea

Internet Explorer in KoreaInternet Explorer in Korea…the Nightmare!

This is one topic in which there is a valid complaint against Korea.  I love Korea, but it is high time to stop forcing everyone to solely use Internet Explorer to surf Korean websites.  While more and more websites are compatible with alternative browsers, the majority of major Korean websites still only function with Internet Explorer.

Korean websites are designed for Internet Explorer and need to utilize Active-X.    If you visit a lot of Korean website, you will need to download Active-X .What is Active-X? Who cares. It is an outdated software generally used by Internet Explorer in Korea and,it would seem, almost exclusively by Korea in the 21st century.  So if you visit a website with another browser, the website will not work unless you download additional software that supports Active-X for that browser…and even then it probably won’t work. Confused? I hope so. Now you know the general feeling among expats when they visit a website and use Internet Explorer in Korea.

Even payment gateways must be used with Internet Explorer.  When you purchase an item from a Korean website, you will be directed to a bank payment gateway to pay for that item with your credit card. If you are not using Internet Explorer, you will not be ordering anything anytime soon. On many occasions I have visited a Korean website that is actually Chrome-friendly, enabling me to easily register, login, pick and order my items with my browser of choice. However, when it comes time to purchase an an item, I am redirected to a payment gateway that requires Internet Explorer. As a result, I need to open up Internet Explorer, re-login and re-order to finally pay.  So don’t be fooled if the main website works with alternative browsers because the payment gateways never do.

There are solutions to these issues(I hope some of you can put in the comments section below), but I feel I shouldn’t have to go looking for solutions to spend my money. If they want my money, then the burden is squarely on the seller to make it easy and convenient for me.

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