Job Application Tips

Jobs in Korea

Hello Teachers and Tutors!

We are very thankful that you are interested in our jobs and want to help you as much as we can to get them.

Check out the following guidelines to improve your chances of getting a job.


1)Sorry, due to the amount of applications for some jobs we cannot respond to everyone. If you are not contacted, please do not keep re-sending your information. If you were not contacted about a job, the job is gone.

2)If you apply for multiple jobs, please only send your resume and photo once.  For each additional job, you only need to fill in the required fields on the application form.  We have everyone’s resume and photo on file.

3)Please, send us separate photo and resume uploads to help with processing.

4)We prefer head-shot photos.

5)It is vital we know which area in Korea you are currently living.  Be specific as possible. For example:  Anyang, near Bomgye station.

 Reasons we didn’t Contact You:

1)No phone number.  A lot of people have American phone numbers on their resumes. Think about that.

2)We don’t know your area.  We want to place people within an hour of their area.  It really helps if we know where you are. We are very reluctant to give a job that is far from your location even if you request it because the probability of being late for class, cancelling the class or quitting the job early are really high.

3)Client prefers specific type of teacher.
Unfortunately, many clients will request a teacher with a certain race, gender or age. We do our best to convince them that choosing the most qualified teacher is better than choosing a teacher based on appearance.

4)The position was filled.

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