Job: Travel Partner for Executive

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Title Travel Partner for Executive
Location: International
Student(s): Executive
Start Date: Sep 03
Day / Time: Depends on Flight
Compensation: 300,000/day
Information An executive at a Seoul based company is looking for an English travel partner. He travels 12 days a month to various places around the world. The traveling dates are random. His English is upper intermediate and would like the travel partner to practice English with him on his trips. You do not use a textbook, just basic conversation. He is married and is not looking for a girlfriend. This position is open to men and women of all ages. All of your airline tickets and private hotel accommodations will be provided plus a daily stipend of 300,000 won. At the visited locations, you will have a day or two free time. Hotel and stipend are still paid. You will be the third travel partner hired for this position. The first man worked 6 months. The second woman worked four months.

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