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Kakao Talk Korea

kakaoTalk korea appKakaoTalk is a Korean mobile app that was first released in 2010.  If you are interested in dating a Korean, making friends or having any form of regular and continual communication with a Korean, you MUST use this app.  You are almost socially dead to a Korean if you don’t use this app.

Although, most people outside of Korea have never heard of this Korean app, KakaoTalk has passed 100 million users worldwide.  It still trails far behind its major rivals Whatsapp, LINE (Japan) and WeChat (China) in total users, but in Korea it is a must-get app.

Every Korean uses KakaoTalk and it is the main form of communication. Although the name is KakaoTalk, rarely does a Korean say the full name “KakaoTalk(카카오톡)”, they usually just say a shorter nickname, “KaTalk”.

Although, KaTalk is made mainly for the Korean market, their eagerness to go global has prompted them to create a suitable, although not perfect, English version of the app.

Finally, in 2013, they released an excellent PC version of the app.  Download Here.

I use KaTalk as my main form of communication and I would recommend it to anyone thinking about coming to Korea.

It is a good app with many useful functions that are well developed. You can chat(duh), make group chats, send any file within a reasonable size and of course you can use their free calling function.  I do not highly recommend their free calling service since there are superior apps for that.

It also uses Kakao Story.  An Instagram type program to share photos and life moments.

I praise Korea for developing their own social media technology while faced with so many giants like Facebook and Google. In KaTalk they developed a quality app, with a good global sense, that, hopefully, will not have the same fate as Cyworld.

KakaoTalk Home Page

kakao Talk Big Bang

KakaoTalk is used to heavily promote Kpop stars and events.


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