Korean Culture Shock #11: First Encounter With an Adjumma 아줌마

Sarah tells about her shocking encounter with
a Korean Ajumma 아줌마

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  • LOLOLOLOLOL yeah im sure its because you are younger……….. not because you were standing there with no coffee acting like you want to sit down without buying anything……… plus in a real city YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE so i dont know why youre blaming Confucianism. maybe in your bumfuck backwoods Canadian hometown people lazily waddle around but in a real urban area like Seoul or even New York people dont have time for games like this. they see a seat and they sit. then the awkward waygook standing there looking at them…. of course they give you a dirty look… probably wondering why youre giving them a dirty look!!! get over it and get used to it. or go home.


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