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korean emoticonsA guide to Korean emoticons

Korea is the land of mobile phones.  Everyone has one.  There are 45.6 million mobile phone subscribers in a country with a population of 48.6 million.

And of course their Korean emoticons and quick chat language is evolving daily. So any foreigner new to Korea will need to start understanding the secret codes of chatting emotion to properly communicate with their Korean friends.

Here is a simple guide to help:

First are Letters that represent an emotion or thought. Note that these are not the full form of the actual Korean word:

ㅇㅋ = OK
ㄳㄳ = Thanks

ㅇㅇ = Yes,but I don’t care

ㅊㅋ= Congratulations

ㅎㅇ = Hi

ㅂㅇ = Bye

낼 = Tomorrow

올만이네 = Long time no see.

짱나 = Expression you use when something or someone is annoying

글쿠나/글쿤 = Ah, I see!

걍 = Just

어케 = How

방가 = Nice to meet you

ㅅㅂ씨발  =  A very bad Korea word. Similar to the F-word.

Next are simply emoticons:

^^ or ^-^ or ^0^  = Happy

^——-^ = Big Smile

ㅠㅠ or ㅠ_ㅠ or ㅜ.ㅜ or ㅠ0ㅠ = crying

^^;; or -_-; = Embarrassed or nervous

; = sweat

-0- = Tired

~.^ = wink

-_- = I don’t like what you say

-_ㅔ = you are a sad person, also you have long hair

OTL = OMG, I failed, I made a big mistake.  The shape of OTL looks like someone on their knees bending over.

▶◀ = someone is dead

@[email protected] = someone is confused

-_-凸 or -_-ㅗ= Fuck you

~ Used at the end of a conversation as a friendly sign off or to extend the sound. For example: “good bye~”

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    This is a very good one and Thank you , I have a korean that always comment -_- to me but i never knew what it is… I thought its a random smiley so i always reply a ^_^


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