Korean Plastic Surgery

Korea Plastic SurgeryKorean Plastic Surgery

Many people around the world are now interested in Korean plastic surgery.  If you are interested in plastic surgery, then Korea is the place to visit.  Seoul has to have the highest concentration of plastic surgery clinics in the world.  Clinics advertise everywhere with some citizens complaining that there is just too much media pressure for plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery has become so commonplace and widely accepted in Korea that people are encouraged by their friends and family to have procedures done.  It is believed that an attractive appearance can improve one’s job and marriage prospects, and thus one’s overall social status.

A Korean may proudly tell you that Korean women are the most physically attractive in all of Asia.  They also seem to have the most plastic surgery…hmmm, I wonder if there’s a connection?   Well, I tend to agree with the first statement and, surprisingly, it is not just ugly women who get plastic surgery, but even girls who are naturally attractive seem to think they need it, too.

This obsession with surgical enhancement does have an ugly side.  Many young women think that some sort of plastic surgery is essential to be beautiful.  I have met many women who I thought had no flaws or major problems with their appearance, yet, unfortunately, they were absolutely sure that they needed plastic surgery.  It is sad that so many young girls strive to look like the models and idols portrayed in photo-shopped advertisements.

It would be a good guess that most entertainers here have some sort of cosmetic surgery either by choice or by decision of some producer/director or manager.

The plastic surgery trend is growing in Asia and Korea is now regarded as a cheap place to get high quality body upgrades.  Thousands of Chinese and Japanese tourists flock her for the good deal.

Korean plastic surgery

Here are the most common Korean surgeries and their approximate prices as of 2012:

Eyes – 2,000,000 won. This involves cutting your eyes for a more Western double-eyelid look.

Nose- 3,000,000 won

Breasts- 6-7,000,000 won

Chin Filing – 10,000,000 – 13,000, 000won. In this procedure a surgeon files a large square chin into a petite oval one.

Check out the face modifications to Girls Generation!!!

girls generation Korean plastic surgery


 Random Women
Korean plastic surgery

Korean plastic surgery

Korean plastic surgery

No Pain. No Gain,


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