Korean Sex Video List

Korean Sex Video List

Here is a collection of Korean sex videos.  Sorry, I do not link to any videos on this page, but you can find them if you do a thorough search.  If you know of any other videos, let me know.

The List:

1998 Ms. Oh Sex Video

Ms. Oh (오현경) was Miss Korea in 1989. She then became a television actress, but unfortunately, her fame is primarily due to a sex video.

Ms. Oh’s partner in said video, made with a secret camera, was her then boyfriend/manager.  This video subsequently spread like wildfire.  Even though the amateur production was released on the internet, at the time many people put the file on a CD and shared it with friends, family and colleagues to copy.

Well, almost needless to say, it ruined her career. She was forced into hiding and did not make her TV comeback until 2007.

oh hyun kyung sex video Korean Sex Video Listoh hyun kyung sex video Korean Sex Video List

2000 Baek Ji Young(백지영)Sex Video

Breaking into the music scene in 1999, Baek Ji Young found stardom as a sexy pop singer.

In 2000, she showed up in a sex video with her boyfriend/manager. Also, like Ms. Oh, she didn’t know she was being filmed.  Her manager is currently serving jail time in America for making a sex video with a minor.

She returned to success in 2006.

Korean Sex Video List

2010 Quincy

A 26 year-old African-American English teacher posted videos of himself and his Korean girlfriend having sex. Of course, Korean netizens did not approve and he was soon fired.

 quincy sex video Korean Sex Video List


2011  Han Seong Ju (한성주) Sex Video


Another Miss Korea(1995)famous for being an actress, an MC and her charity work.  After being dumped, and assaulted by Han SeongJu’s brother, her boyfriend released sex videos and evidence of her bad character, such asa Hong Kong abortion, in an attempt to destroy her image.  Well, it seems her family has power, so she was seen as a victim and her sex video was not discussed and shared as widely as previous videos.  Netizens claimed the government purposely and with great effort tried to stop the distribution and discussion of this video.

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