Korean Singing Room -Noh Rae Bang (노래방)

Korean Singing Room - Noh Rae Bang 노래방Korean Singing Rooms

One of the coolest features of Korean culture is the Noh Rae Bang, meaning singing room.  You go there with your friends and you sing karaoke, dance, play the tambourine, and to generally have a good time.  It usually costs 10,000-15,000 won an hour and very often if the business is not so busy they may extend the time for free.

They are very modern rooms with high tech computers and catalogs to help you find the songs you enjoy.  Of course themajority of their songs are Korean, but most of singing rooms have a respectable collection of English, Japanese and Chinese songs.

It is also a place for couples to be physically intimate.  The cost of even a cheap hotel room can be 50,000 won, so a nohrae bang, due to its privacy, is a considerably cheaper alternative.

orean Singing Room - Noh Rae Bang 노래방Tambourines are found in all Korean singing rooms

Dancing in Korean Singing Rooms is a must!

Going to the Korean singing room is never a mistake

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