Korean Soju Memes #1

korean sojuKorean Soju

Soju is the most common Korean alcohol.  All Koreans drink it weekly (many by force). A common question a Korean will ask you is “How much soju can you drink?”.

It has a significantly higher alcohol content(17-21%) than beer and therefore the damage done under the influence of soju is greater.  Soju is the perfect drink to talk about a friend’s problem, bond with your coworkers or become quickly comfortable with your new date.   Soju drinking takes place any day of the week, anytime and anywhere.  Soju is enjoyed by millions of Korean and people around the world.  Please check out our soju page to learn more.

Here is a collection of cool and funny Korean memes about soju.  If you have experienced the negative aspects of drinking soju then you will understand the memes.


Korean Soju Memes

#1A meme about soju in Korea



A meme about soju in Korea


A meme about soju in Korea


A meme about soju in Korea


A meme about soju in Korea



Korean soju


korean soju


korean soju drama


korean soju


Korean soju


Soju Warning!

soju sleep in elevatorRespect and understand the soju coma. Just let him or her be.

Soju pukeAvoid the soju vomit piles on the morning walk to work.


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