Korean Squat Toilets – Everything You Need To Know

Korean squat toiletWhat is a Korean Squat Toilet?

Squat toilets are toilets you do not sit on, like the Western ‘throne toilet, but rather,  these toilets require you to squat to do your business.  Unseen in the West, these toilets are still prevalent throughout Asia, and yes, these toilets are still used in Korea.  The “throne” toilet has become more common in homes in Korea, but in older buildings you will probably come across a squat toilet.

Instruction For Using a Korean Squat Toilet

When you do come across a squat toilet, do not panic.  You can do it!  All you need to do is place your feet on each side of the porceline hole and pull down your pants and squat.  Be sure that whatever is coming out is dripping, poring or lumping into the toilet, so you may need keep your ass as close as possible to the toilet to reduce splash damage.

Dangers of Using a Squat Toilet

Many Koreans have a good story to tell of falling in one of these when they were young.  It took them years of practice to master the techniques of using a squat toilet. If you are new to this way of using the toilet be extra careful as you do not want to fall in.

Need to Know About Korean Restrooms

A lot of restrooms in Korea may not offer toilet paper. It is up to you to bring enough to wipe your body and extra in case you need to wipe clean some article of clothing soiled while using the toilet.

Also, when you are finished using the tissue, you should not deposit the soiled tissue directly into the toilet.  You need to discard the tissue in a bucket or waste basket that should be strategically placed near you. Warning: Do not look in the bucket and avoid breathing near it!

Let’s now start our photo tour of Korean Squat Toilets:

Korean squat toiletThis a communal toilet. Avoid.

squat toilet in Korea
This is just a regular clean squat toilet.

Korean squat toilet
This is what they actually look like. Don’t touch anything, even the door!

Now For some Instruction For Using a Squat Toilet

Korea squat instructions
The very basic instructions.

Korean squatter
Some easy to understand Chinese instructions.

Korea Japan Instructions
A good Japanese warning about how to use and not use a squat toilet.

There is a Toilet Themed Park in Suwon, South Korea.

Korea squat theme park toilet
Squat Toilet Art!

Here are some instructions for Asians on how to use Throne toilets.

Squat toilet Korea
A squat toilet in korea


Toilet Humor

Korean Squat Toilet
cat on a toilet korea
Why is there a cat on a toilet? I just wanted it there. Deal with it.

Video Testimony of the Culture Shock of Using A Squat Toilet

Listen to Nicole share her story to her students.  The story starts at about 0:30 seconds in.

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Do you have any bad experience using them? It would be awesome to hear some stories.


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