Are Koreans Racially Intolerant?

Are Koreans Racially Intolerant?

An interesting look at racial intolerance around the world.  As a expat in Korea, there are some days that I feel I am just not welcome here.  Although, there are a great many good experiences to share about friendly Koreans going out of there way to help me, there are almost an equal amount of negative experiences of Korean making it known that I am not welcome in some situations.

According to this map by the Washington Post, Korea is shown as a country that is racially intolerant.

Please check out the source article: A fascinating map of the world’s most and least racially tolerant countries

And an update article: 5 insights on the racial tolerance and ethnicity maps, from an ethnic conflict professor

Racially Intolerant in korea

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  • Well it is tough to generalize but the koreans I met were very tolerant and friendly.

    Maybe that is because we met in my home country ghana and not in the korean peninsula.

    there were two korean women in the equation in tema ghana west africa.

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  • I am going to London Paris on expensive trip 3 weeks. I asked
    Korean girl to come with me but she is not sure if she will come.
    Is there something i can do or say to convince her to decide to come.
    I like her a lot and i am sure we will have a great time.
    If she says no i will travel alone and be very sad thinking about her.
    What can i do?


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