Night Club / Night / Cabaret / ColaTec

Night Club / Night / Cabaret / ColaTecNight Club  /  Night  / Cabaret / ColaTec

Here is a list of places in Korea you can go have fun:


I’m not sure if they still exist, but if so they would certainly be a rare sight. They are for teenagers to hang out, dance and drink soda.

Night Club / Booking Club (나이트클럽,나이트)

This is basically a meat market, a place to meet men and women.  On the street, a picky guy(someone who aggressively promotes the club) will entice you by telling you about the fun you will have there or the potential for easy sex. When you arrive, you sit down and usually order a drinking set.  This is not the kind of place to buy just one beer.  You then give a tip (10,000won+) to the booker/waiter who will search and bring back a woman(willing or unwilling) to your table.  It is customary for her to sit down and for you to give her a drink. The two of you talk for a short while and then she can either leave or you can keep talking.  There is also a dance floor to enjoy dancing and meeting the opposite sex.

If you are a woman, be prepared to be aggressively and sometimes forcibly dragged around the place.  It is etiquette to go along with the waiter since that is the point of the club.


This is more Western-style and is a place for dancing.  Hongdae and Itaewon are the two most popular locations.  You go, wait in line, pay a cover price, enter, buy a drink and dance or mingle.

Club Day

At one of the participating bars/clubs you pay 15,000 won for a pass that will admit you to every club that participates.  You can club hop withoutpaying additional cover charges.

Cabaret (카바레)

This is for the older crowd, which is to say those over 30. Similar to a night club, but one is likely to find more divorced, even married people, looking for some extra attention.
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