North Korea Photoshop Fails

This is the ultimate collection of North Korean photoshop fails

North Korea spews out the propaganda daily. These North Korean photoshop fails represent a glimpse of how North Korea distorts the media and history.

North Korea photoshop fail

In 1995, to cement his right to control to North Korea, Kim Jeong-Il published this photo with his recently deceased father, and God-like creator of North Korea, Kim Il-sung.

North Korea photoshop fail

A 2008 photo of Kim Jeong-il with his troops. Something seems wrong…


North Korea photoshop fail

At the North Korean funeral of Kim Jeong-Il.


North Korea photoshop fail

Again, at the North Korean funeral of Kim Jeong-Il. They cleaned up the photo on the left side.


North Korea photoshop fail

Added more goats to the glorious North Korean countryside. This photo is dated 2010.


North Korea photoshop fail

North Korea’s propaganda machine is in full operation when it published this photo showing the power of Kim Jong-un’s marines.


North Korea fail photoshop

North Korea’s attempts to show that they have plenty of food to feed their own people.


Photoshop fail North Korea

A busy beach full of happy people having fun in North Korea.

North Korea photoshop fail

A photo from a Nov. 2013 issue of  a North Korean labor magazine.  History is as easy as cut and paste!


North Korean photoshop fail

Kim Jong-Un, like his father, are famous for touring the North Korean country inspecting various North Korean achievements.  Some of the time, Kim Jong-un doesn’t even have to physically be there.

South Korean PhotoShop

North Koreans are not the only ones who are guilty of photoshopping their media photos.  This 2013 photo of the Soth Korean president, Park Geun-hye and Obama is just atrocious and an embarrassment to Yonhap News.

South Korean photoshop fail


BONUS North Korean Photoshop

Some cool netizens show North Korea how to properly photoshop.

North Korean photoshop fail


North Korea photoshop win



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