Funny North Korean Camouflage

North Korean Camouflage

Yes, these images of North Korean soldiers wearing camouflage are real.  It is hard not to giggle, but plastic leaves? really?

Check out the North Korean propaganda videos at the end of the post.
North Camo

North Korean Camouflage 2Uniform North Korean Army

North Korean Camouflage 3Can you spot the North Koreans in this image?

Funny Korean Camo Camouflage in North Korea North Korea Kim Jung Un Camo Uniform North Korean Uniform
Camo GEar North Korean Camouflage 9

Korea Camo 11


Is North Korean camo really that bad? Well yes and no.  Check out North Korea on Camopedia that shows more photos of Korean Camo plus this articles defending North Korean Camouflage.

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