Notable Korean Suicides

Notable Korean Suicides

Unfortunately, Korea can be a very stressful place to live.  Academic and financial pressures can often be incredibly overwhelming and these pressures tragically claim a fair share of victims.

For a few years now the Korean suicide rate has been among the highest in the world.  Even the former president committed suicide.  Suicide is the ultimate form of despairing escape for people who cannot cope, or have been shamed.  It is the top cause of death for teenagers in Korea and is also common among older people who think they are a burden on their children.

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Beyond the country’s generally high incidence of suicide, I believe what specifically sets Korea apart is the prevalence of suicide among entertainers and people of authority who have been shamed.

Here are some notable Korean suicides:

2005 February- Eun Ju Lee(이은주) Actress

Korean sucide 2005 February- Eun Ju Lee 이은주 Actress


2007 February – Da Bin Jeong (정다빈) Actress

Korean suicide 2007 February - Da Bin Jeong 정다빈 Actress


2007 January – U:Ni(유니) Female Singer

Korean suicide 2007 January - U:Ni 유니 Female Singer


2008 September – Jae Hwan An(안재환) Actor

Korean suicide 2008 September - Jae Hwan An 안재환 Actor


2008 October- Jin Sil Choi (최진실) Actress

Korean suicide 2008 October- Jin Sil Choi 최진실 Actress


2008 October – Ji Hoon Kim (김지후) TV Personality

korean suicide 2008 October - Ji Hoon Kim 김지후 TV Personality


2009 December – Daul Kim (김다울) Fashion Model

Korean suicide 2009 December - Daul Kim 김다울 Fashion Model

2009 May –Former President Roh (노무현)

Korean suicide 2009 May –Former President Roh 노무현


2009 March – Ja Yeon Jeong(장자연) Actress

Korean suicide 2009 March - Ja Yeon Jeong 장자연 Actress


2010 June – Yong Ha Park (박용하) Actor / Singer

Korean suicide 2010 June - Yong Ha Park 박용하 Actor / Singer


2011 May – Dong Hwa Chae(채동화) Singer

Korean suicide 2011 May - Dong Hwa Chae 채동화 Singer


2011 May – Gi Won Yoon(윤기원) Soccer Player

Korean suicide 2011 May - Gi Won Yoon 윤기원 Soccer Player


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