Sex Abuse in Korea – Entertainment Industry

Sex Abuse in KoreaSex Abuse in Korea

It seems sex abuse in Korea is a topic that is recycled every year in South Korea as it keeps being exposed. This time it is Open World Entertainment that has shocked Korea and the World.  Again, this is not the first time, we heard about a sex scandal involving the entertainment bosses, but certainly it is the most shocking.    Over 11 new female singers were forced to have sex with entertainment bigwigs and, more shocking,  by fellow boy band singers.  Jang Seok Woo cannot be forgiven for this.

The ugly side of the Korean wave.

Rumors have always spread that this is the norm to get ahead in the Korean music/movie industries.  It is a social problem and should be fixed.  Are all female entertainers prostitutes? No.

The government should get involved and properly regulate the industry and punish those that exploit the young women.


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