Shocking Korean Elephant Woman Han Mi Wook

Shocking Korean Elephant Woman

Like many young Korean girls, Han Mi Wook(한미옥)  had dreams of stardom.  She wanted to be a famous singer and knew all too well that image and beauty are absolutely essential to a successful career in the music industry.  She achieved some success singing in night clubs. One day she felt that her facial features were getting a little weathered, so she thought opting for botox injections would be a good idea. Due to a lack of funds for authentic botox, Han Mi Wook decided to inject silicone, followed by cooking oil, into her face in order to get that younger fresher look.  At first she was satisfied with the results and thus continued the self-injections. Unfortunately, her obsession with a younger face caused her to inject more and more oil into her face causing her to look progressively uglier.  The uglier her face, the more injections she had, and so the cycle continued until her face ballooned up and any chance of a young attractive face were accordingly lost.  A lot of the silicone moved to her brain causing her mental condition to deteriorate to the point that she started to hear voices in her head.

As a result of developing a disturbingly monstrous face, she stayed in her house for 20 years. The Korean media eventually heard about her and were eager to publicly display and exploit this Korean Elephant Woman. As a result of this media exposure she shot to instant fame.  Her face was so shockingly horrific that she became the object of pity.  She was now known as the Fan-Face Woman (선풍기 아줌마).  The Korean public had a good glimpse of one potential side-effect of an image obsessed society, but this message was lost on most.

She has been on Korean and Japanese TV numerous times and even these TV programs tried to “help” her by  sponsoring 13 different surgeries. Of course, the catch was that they could film everything and conduct interviews with the poor woman.

Ironically, due to the attention she received, she has achieved partial success in her singing career.  She released a trot CD in 2006  and a new album is soon to be released.

In addition to her music career, she is currently working for a charity related to second-hand clothing.

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Shocking Korean Elephant Woman

Before the injections

Shocking Korean Elephant Woman
Shocking Korean Elephant Woman

One of her 13 surgeries

Shocking Korean Elephant Woman
Currently working for a charity and preparing to release new CD


Shocking Korean Elephant WomanShocking Korean Elephant Woman
With Harisu

Shocking Korean Elephant Woman

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