Sleeping Korean Girl on the Subway

Sleeping Korean Girl

This guy decided this sleeping Korean girl was a photo that was too good to pass up.  I once saw some high school students put their gum into a sleepers mouth as they departed the train.  You have been warned.

Sleeping Korean Girl on the subway

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  • First, awesome post.I do digsaree, however, with this point: “A ‘native accent’ is only something people should be concerned about at medium levels and up.”Accent should be dead last on the list of priorities. A “native accent” (or any accent for that matter) is completely dependant upon where you will be using it. If a Korean worker intends to use their English in business environments in Korea, they already have a “native accent.” As we all know, American, Australian, British, Irish, Scottish (etc…) Englishes all sound completely different and sometimes are misunderstood between “native speakers” from differing counties. What’s far more important is pronunciation. Being able to distinguish between pin and pen, three and tree and not adding extra e/y sounds (churchy) are far more important. I think it’s important that teachers point out and make that distinction between “accent” and “pronunciation,” especially when addressing it with their students.On the teacher’s side of things: I always suggest learning IPA and understanding exactly what is happening in/with your mouth (what the tongue is doing, what the teeth are doing, what the lips are doing) when attempting to teach pronunciation. Simply saying: “No, say it like I’m saying it/say it like this…” doesn’t work.——조안나 – YES. THANK YOU.I always tell my students to read books they’ve already read in their own language in English. That way, they already know the story thereby shifting the focus away from story comprehension to language comprehension. I’m always amazed at how often teachers dismiss this type of learning tool.And students: “But I’ve already read this book!” Yes. That’s the point.


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