WTF Korea – Random Photos #1

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Unfortunately for the World Taekwondo Federation, WTF is synonymous with a common negative colloquially expressions: “What the F**k”.  Do not be confused. This article has nothing to do with the World Taekwondo Federation.  The World Taekwondo Federation is a respectable organization; this article is far from respectable.

This is a random collection of photos in Korea that make you want to say “wtf korea!” I know some of these photos have a good explanation, but I try keep the WTF value by giving as little context as possible.  Just look for yourself and decide if it is a WTF image.


Korea Dog Noodles wtf koreaDog Meat Noodles

waxing men korea wtf korea

just a guy on the subway korea wtf koreahello kitty toilet korea

korea ufo cap wtf korea

korea woman shit wtf korea

korea woman pee in urinal wtf korea

kpop bubble sisters wtf korea

south korea poop theme park wtf korea

toilet museum

Toilet Museum in Suwon, South Korea

korean game

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